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Periodontal Maintenance
Lake Forest, CA

Mature woman smiling on a couch because of good periodontal maintenanceAmong many other procedures, we also offer periodontal maintenance here at Jeanette Thai, DDS.

It is a term that describes therapy related to both diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease. This is a common procedure, which is not surprising as more than 40% of adults suffer from some type of periodontal disease. Gingivitis is the first stage of the disease, detected in red gums that bleed frequently. If the illness is not treated in the beginning, it can develop to periodontosis which causes serious dysfunction with the bones and gums that surround the teeth. The final stage of the disease may result in teeth loss.

According to many studies, including the one conducted by the University of Michigan in 1981, periodontal maintenance increases the longevity of teeth, while also preventing recurrence of the disease. Many also say that this treatment is a crucial step to proper periodontal treatment. It is important to contact us as soon as you notice the first symptoms, as this procedure is effective only with mild to moderate periodontal disease.

What is Periodontal Maintenance?

Periodontal maintenance is a cleaning procedure designed for those diagnosed with periodontal disease. It proceeds after scaling, a first treatment where our dentist cleans your teeth thoroughly using ultrasonic or handheld instruments. This primary process ends with root planning where we smooth out the teeth roots. This procedure allows your gums to reattach to your teeth, making sure all loose pockets are closed.

For those who went through this two-step procedure, periodontal maintenance replaces the prophylaxis also known as regular cleaning. This is necessary as compared to regular cleaning; periodontal maintenance is much more thorough. Rather than just maintaining the teeth, this method also addresses the roots, gums, and bones of your teeth. Simply put, it takes care of all tissues which were affected by your periodontal disease.

The Procedure

Depending on your case, we will set the frequency of periodontal maintenance treatments you need to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. According to a study by the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, the harmful bacteria start to colonize the gums as soon as two months after cleaning. For this reason, the maintenance is usually prescribed at least every three months.

It is necessary to follow our instructions to ensure to maintain gum and bone health, and avoid further consequences such as bone loss, deep gum pockets or bleeding gums.

During the procedure, we will remove the tartar and plaque from the gum line to the spot where the bone, roots, and gums adjoin. We also may smooth out the rough areas of the roots, and detect any potential changes in pocket depths. If your pockets get inflamed, we can treat them with antibacterial medicine.

Periodontal maintenance is covered by basic insurance. We usually prescribe the appointments between three and four times a year. We will take your present condition into consideration, as well as potential health risks and your ability to have a proper regular dental routine at home.

If you are interested to know more about the procedure and other periodontal care or want to set up your exams, don’t hesitate to call our office Jeanette Thai, DDS at (949) 837-8482!


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Periodontal Maintenance - Jeannette Thai DDS - Dentist
Periodontal maintenance is therapy related to both diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease. Call Jeanette Thai today to start treating your gum disease today!
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